Alternative Ways to Sell a Car

Let me start off by saying there are a number of ways to get cash for cars on different platforms. Make sure you have solid descriptions, pictures, and contact info for the hungry buyer to see.

When it comes to selling your car, technology can be your best friend. Of course, you can go old school by putting an ad somewhere in your neighborhood or doing a word to mouth of type of thing where you talk to a neighbor, family member, or co worker. However, that can take time and you may not reach an audience that looks for your model. In that case, here are some good ways to help sell your car.

You should first scour different car forums and message boards. Depending on your particular model, you may find a host of buyers who want nothing more than to take a car off your hands. You can really bargain with them to make a solid profit. Also, you even get cash for cars because a person may need specific parts from your used vehicle.

A more modern way to get cash for cars is by using eBay. From the average joe to the celebrity star, you’ll find a large clientele ready to buy. Make sure you not only write a great description but provide detailed photos to increase the appeal. A good camera and even and a fresh clean up will certainly add value. Set a base price that you feel comfortable putting up and somewhat reasonable for the value. See where the bidding goes and sell it to the highest bidder.

Don’t forget social media. There are tons of people who don’t have time to look for a vehicle at a decent price. You can go through Facebook ads and post or even write a status message with a description and add pictures to whomever wants to buy. Instagram is also great because you can easily post a collage of pictures and put your contact info under the description with tags to increase visibility. Twitter is powerful due to people retweeting your message and getting the word out to their followers.